Installation Guide


To setup the server's game client is relatively simple.

CLICK HERE to see the original forum post.

Or you can watch step by step instructions

CLICK HERE to watch the Youtube video.

Client Files

Step 2

(skip this step if you have v1.8 or higher of the client as the patcher is included.)

Download and use the official patcher to automatically install the necessary files if you already have an EQ client installed.

Unzip the Patcher directly into the clients main directory to use. (this is the same folder that "eqgame.exe" is in)

Imperium Patcher

Step 2 (b)

Create a short-cut of ImperiumPatcher.exe then place that on your desktop to have easy access.

(Do you often crash when zoning? Install this memory fix for the client and point it to eqgame.exe)

4 GB memory patch

Step 3

(skip this step if you already have an eqemu account.)

Once all that is done, it is time to create a game account on, launch your custom shortcut you've just made, then login with your credentials.

That's it! Happy Adventuring!