Server Rules

In-Game Rules:

  • Be respectful and civilized. No one likes getting bullied on their leisure time.
  • The use of MQ2 or other third-party softwares is prohibited. Zero Tolerance. Custom scripting is set-up to catch and report players using MQ2. Those players will be banned.
  • Do not exploit any bugs. Kindly notify a GM/Guide or post it on the forums under "Bug reports." Continuing to exploit will likely result in a ban.
  • Do not warp pull in any zone. (This includes using #zone "loc" as a means to pull aggro.)
  • Do not exceed or attempt to bypass the IP limit of 2 accounts logged in at a time per household/IP. (Logging in with 3 accounts normally on the same IP will automatically disconnect your accounts.)
  • Do not expose the identity of any GM or other staff member in-game. If you think you may know who we are while playing a non-admin character, please keep that information for yourself. When we are on our personal accounts, we are not staff members anymore, we are players just like you on their leisure time.
  • Do not attempt to bypass filters or use profanity in /ooc. This is a family friendly server, profanity in /ooc and offensive names are not welcome here. Many of our members have children that also play with them and we respect and encourage that.
  • Do not jump ahead of other players in a progression zone.
  • Do not name your character with inappropriate words or phrases. Repeat offenders may be banned.

Forum Rules:

  • Do not revive old, closed, modified or deleted threads on the forums.
  • Do not abuse or encourage abuse of the Reputation, or Post Reporting Systems.
  • Do not post personally identifiable information. (i.e. name, address, email, phone number, etc.).
  • Do not bump threads on the forum.
  • Do not derail a thread's topic.
  • Do not post links to harmful websites (Phishing, viruses, etc.)
  • Do not spam in-game or on the forums.
  • Do not repetitively post in the incorrect forum thread.